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About Us

Bikers Against Prostate Cancer is a 501(c) non-profit organization started in January 2011 by John Bing.  Our goal is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, the importance of early detection, testing, diagnosis, treatment options including current research findings, diet and exercise.  John's ultimate goal was to help others; therefore, in addition to providing a reliable source of information, we are organizing an effort to provide assistance to others affected by prostate cancer.  Having experienced the side effects of treatment (from a caregiver's perspective), we believe patients could benefit from a wide array of services, including help with lawn care, housekeeping, home maintenance, transportation, psychological support as well as a trustworthy source of information.  All of our proceeds are used to help men and their families who are fighting prostate cancer.  

John Bing was the founder of Bikers Against Prostate Cancer, which was created after his diagnosis of advanced stage IV metastatic prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 4+5=9 and metastases to his spine, ribs, skull and soft tissues of his lower back.  John did experience multiple symptoms; however, was misdiagnosed for over 2 years.  By the time of diagnosis, his PSA was over 1770 and his left kidney was damaged due to the cancerous tumors pinching his left ureter (tube connecting the kidney to the bladder).  He was given 90 days to live and a 30% chance of making it 3 years by the doctors at the Mayo Clinic in MN.  That was in August of 2010.  John and his wife began researching everything they could about prostate cancer, and tried multiple therapies in addition to medical treatments administered by his doctors.  He felt compelled to warn others about prostate cancer, because he did not want anyone to go through what he endured.  John continued to work for as long as he could and rode his motorcycle up to the time of his death in January 2013.  John's cancer had spread to every organ in his abdomen, his entire spine, and his brain.  He NEVER quit fighting!  He really did fight the good fight.  He made every day special for his wife and two young children, and his legacy will live on. 

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