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Our mission is to provide assistance to those battling prostate cancer by providing housekeeping services, lawn care, household maintenance, transportation, and support while educating as many people as possible about prostate cancer, treatment options, testing available and the importance of early detection, the role diet plays in cancer prevention, as well as providing links to websites for additional information and support. 

We are currently organizing efforts to provide general household services for men fighting prostate cancer.  Our plan is to hire third-party businesses to provide these services.  Each business will provide references and proof of insurance.  In order to qualify for assistance, the recipient must be a prostate cancer patient who is experiencing difficulty with mobility because of metastases (cancer spread beyond the prostate), severe side effects of treatment, bone and/or nerve impairment caused by metastatic cancerous lesions, or hardship as a result of medical expenses. Each application will be personally reviewed and exceptions may be made at the Bikers Against Prostate Cancer board members' discretion.  Submitting an application for services does not guarantee approval or that services will be rendered.  Applications will be reviewed in the order received.  Each submission will receive feedback from Bikers Against Prostate Cancer informing the applicant of the status of the application.  

Before we can accept applications or provide any services, we must raise the necessary funding.  Please browse our eBay page for available products
 and/or donate so we can fulfill our mission.  More products, such as bandanas, embroidered patches, helmet stickers/decals, and different shirts will be available soon!  All proceeds go towards helping others.  Our organization is run and managed by volunteers.  

Thank you. 


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